Models Available In Toronto For Your Ads

These models listed here are available for this promo. Posted in the order they were received. The advertiser will choose who will be hired. Pics are linked to their ig accounts. All people who submitted pics were included. Refresh the page top see all of the people. Service available with in 30 K of Toronto

Promo Models for ads

The idea: We want to post on social media a video of a model in club clothes walking along the beach. After a few seconds it would cut into an ad. Sample here You would be required to provide 1) a pic of your full body 2) Instagram Link for this promo Would be… Continue reading Promo Models for ads

Model Drew Toronto

Brand Ambassador Skittles

Brand Ambassador Skittles This is a playlist

Model Jessie Toronto

Model Jessie Toronto This is a playlist case-study-video-on-facebook

Brand Ambassador Samantha

Brand Ambassador Samantha      

Brand Ambassador Jaime

Brand Ambassador Jaime This is a playlist

Brand Ambassador Shira

Brand Ambassador Shira

Social Media Models To Promote Your Services

Social Media Models To Promote Your Services Instagram promotion & ad in program guide With more than  700 million active users, Instagram is a leading social media platform. Just one year ago, Instagram announced its 500 million users milestone. A growth of almost 50% in one year tells us more about this platform’s popularity and… Continue reading Social Media Models To Promote Your Services

Brand ambassador job posting

Brand ambassador job posting Potential Fashion Models APPLY ONLINE You’re beautiful and talented, so why should you stomp down a runway for free? Because you could end up making money in the long-run! Get on that Instagram account, post some more pics of your stunning self and rack up a few more followers, because it… Continue reading Brand ambassador job posting