Models With Friends

Models With Friends

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Originally the idea this came from a website called They are listing attractive people with large followers on social media. The premise is that the influencers only have a large following, and to these followers, they would be able to promote your product. The problem however, is the followers may be from other countries and not necessarily local. In practice, a visual ad of an attractive young woman get better response on social media then a product by itself will.  


“Word-of-mouth, especially from an influential person, directly influences 50% of purchase decision.


93% of marketers recommended influencer marketing as the best strategy of building awareness.


69% of marketing who have used Influencer Marketing considered it an effective marketing tactic.” –


Their posting of your product on social media will have a positive effect on your product image. If customers see an attractive ad they are going to find the product attractive as well. To have an effective advertising campaign you have to have a special offer, discount, or give a way, in exchange for a follow. An influencer can promote a particular giveaway to their followers and request them to take specific actions to help them win these discounts or freebies.