Targeting New Customers in Instagram ads

Targeting New Customers in Instagram ads

Targeting allows you to pick and choose the audience your advertising reaches. It can be based on, and narrowed down with, a large variety of factors.

Your target location can be as broad as the countries in which your product is available, right down to specific neighbourhoods in relevant cities.  

From there you can choose demographics, streamlining who will see your advertising based on information like age, gender and language.

Not only are you able to narrow down the where and the whom, but what they are interested in based on the apps they use, ads they click and social media accounts they choose to follow, as well as their behaviours and activities both on and off Instagram and Facebook.

Once you have a specific customer base, or if you already have people in your rolodex who might be interested in your product, you can choose to run ads to custom audiences based on their email addresses or phone numbers. As your target audience grows, instagram can help you locate new potential clientele similar to your existing customers with the ‘Lookalike Audience’ feature.

Instagram then uses the information you give them about who you wish to reach to begin reaching a wider audience through Automated Targeting.



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Targeting New Customers in Instagram ads
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